Well, we made it home to a very sad discovery - our kitten was ill. We took her in this morning, and they think she ate something bad (like a string) and are right now opening her to find it and make it go away. Very nerve wracking.

Anonymous commented:
I hope that she is all right! (Mara)
on Mon Jul 9 20:22:38 2007

Anonymous commented:
Aw, poor kitty. All best cat wishes. -Bryan
on Mon Jul 9 21:04:48 2007

sasha commented:
She made it through the surgery, which removed a gigantic hairball that had stopped up her esophagus. Or someplace. They are keeping her overnight, and hopefully she will be all better tomorrow and able to come home a much happier kitten!
on Mon Jul 9 22:04:21 2007

Erik commented:
I'm glad that it was "just" a hairball and not more serious. Hopefully she will come back healthy and eager to be at home with her humans.
on Tue Jul 10 06:46:27 2007

David commented:
If previous experience is any guide, she'll be happy to see us until we try to give her her medicine (she's going to be getting antibiotics and a painkiller at first). Then she'll turn into a roaring spitfire of doom until she has successfully warded off the vile medicine, then return to her mild-mannered ways. It should be an entertaining few days.
on Tue Jul 10 07:25:05 2007

Andrew commented:
Hope everything came out alright
on Tue Jul 10 08:45:37 2007

Anonymous commented:
My little Spot ed kitten had a similar problem when he was younger, swallowed a penny, and it was lodged in his intestine..Had to have the penny and a portion of his intestine rescectioned...The most expensive penny in my coin collection! He recovered wishes to mina kitty! sarah coburn
on Tue Jul 10 18:50:40 2007

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