For the 4th

Just got back this evening from a trip to Long Beach Island, located in New Jersey. Jeff has been going there forever, and talks about it all the time, so we figured it behooved us to see what it was all about. The fact that he recently purchased a boat, which meant we could go sailing while we were there, may have factored in to the equation. It was a good time, if a touch more energetic than we are used to. I expect I'll use this week to recover.

This is also the start of Sasha's summer work in New York City, which gives me two weeks to play bachelor, work on all the projects I haven't had time for, etc. We'll see how much gets done.

holly commented:

See, and now I'm jealous. I love LBI. We are going to Philli at the end of July and were talking about driving down for a day. 

on Tue Jul 6 20:34:10 2010

David commented:

I can certainly understand the sentiment - it's a really fun place to be, though getting there and back on the weekend of the 4th left something to be desired....

on Wed Jul 7 22:46:02 2010

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