The people at work were fairly excited by this video, which shows a presentation by Hans Rosling. He is the director of the Karolinska Institute, and founder of Gapminder, a non-profit that brings vital global data to life. The subject is the so-called 'developing world', and it shows what happens when you do a presentation with something a little more powerful than Powerpoint.

I am very excited to see what sort of tools will come out of this organization. I am more excited by the idea that they might help make a difference!
Derek (Erb) commented:
All I can say is "Wow!".

That is purely and simply the greatest statistical presentation, and probably one of the best presentations at all, that I have ever seen!

I actually sat in my chair, riveted and with lots of other things I should be doing, simply because I was interested in what the guy was saying and did not want to miss what might come next.

on Mon Jul 3 22:02:56 2006

David commented:
I watched it from start to finish a second time when Sasha watched it, and it was just as compelling. It's a really amazing presentation. It really is a shame that things like this are so uncommon. He certainly made his case!
on Tue Jul 4 16:40:51 2006

Anonymous commented:
You tech crazy guys are amazing. I sent the link to this company to Derek a year or more ago (he obviously never bothered to look at it) and I'm amazed that you, David, didn't know about it! Our publications department was in contact with the company (who already has done stuff for Unesco) but I admit that I'm still waiting for them to use the software for some big occasion. Desney
on Wed Jul 5 08:07:27 2006

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