We added the finishing touch to our car today - a tiny flying spaghetti monster. Since our car is all done up as a piratemobile, we felt it was OK. As you can see (you may need to follow the link to the larger picture), our car was dented by his noodley appendage when it was touched. Actually, that's where Sasha's dad tried to park a little too close, but I like the noodley appendage dent idea more.

I think that's all the pirate we're going to do for the moment, but there still exists the temptation to add at some later date a pirate flag to the antenna. We'll see.

Jason in Egypt commented:
Nice looking front-end! I've seen a few of your car's brothers and sisters driving around Egypt and they look sharp. Quite distinctive! Of course, your pirate touches add something exta. I love the license plate!
on Mon Jul 31 12:45:12 2006

Anonymous commented:
I get it - Yarrris - pirates...i think the heat here in ATL is baking my brain b/c it took a minute! Cute car. Sar
on Mon Jul 31 14:54:48 2006

Nikki commented:
I talked my mom into a Yaris and when I went to order it for her, told the saleswoman that my mom needed to get a Yaris cause you sound like a pirate when you say it. I swear she laughed for 20 minutes. But I like your pirate plate, and the idea of the flag on the attenna is nice--I'm personally seeking a pink pirate flag, but to no avail... well, my pastafarian friend, I bid you g'nite...
on Tue Aug 1 02:47:18 2006

Shelby commented:
Oh that's brilliant! I love it! And the FSM is a great touch on the back :).
on Wed Aug 2 00:04:48 2006

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