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Hopefully, by now you've all heard about the New Yorker cover (pictured at right) which has apparently been denounced as "tasteless and offensive" by the Obama campaign and "totally inappropriate" by the McCain campaign. As the Guardian notes: "The satire was evidently lost on Obama's campaign and on his opponent, the Republican, John McCain." The editor of the New Yorker, in an interview given apparently before the... story?... broke, was apparently exasperated, as was the cartoonist. As, I must confess, am I. But I expect I am the target audience for the picture.
sasha commented:
And for those of you who need help in understanding this new concept, "satire," the editor of the New Yorker is willing to help you out.  As he explained to a New York Times reporter, who quoted him in this article, "The cover takes a lot of distortions, lies, and misconceptions about the Obamas and puts a mirror up to them to show them for what they are.  It’s a lot like the spirit of what Stephen Colbert does — by exaggerating and mocking something, he shows its absurdity, and that is what satire is all about."  Yes, that's right.  The editor of the New Yorker explained satire to a New York Times reporter by citing Stephen Colbert. 
on Tue Jul 15 08:27:05 2008

Anonymous commented:
on Tue Jul 15 12:42:58 2008

Shelby commented:

You mean the Colbert Report isn't real news???  Yes, I got the satire from the picture, but I can see the other side here. When 30% of the country honestly believes Obama to be a Muslim, I think giving the morons more "proof" isn't necessarily a great idea.

on Wed Jul 16 01:09:07 2008

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