Went for a nice long walk over to Sasha's office today, as part of a new program Sasha and I have enrolled in that requires us to walk 70,000 steps each week. It's run by Engagement Health, which is a company that offers programs designed to keep an insured population healthier, and thus lower insurance costs. It's really targeted at insurance companies and companies which insure employees, but since employees are the pesky jerks who get sick (and thus cost insurance companies money), it's the employees who get to participate in fun filled programs like 'walk four miles every day' or 'keep a food diary'. Basically a percentage of the savings is passed on to employees who choose to participate. It's a win-win, except the programs are all invasive, or dumb. But, once you get past that, it's quite nice to have an incentive to do some serious walking. Yesterday we wandered over to where I will be working (starting tomorrow!) to see how long it takes to walk. Looks like 15 minutes, which is very do-able (and will let me get in my morning RFI, so my French will stop disintegrating).

holly commented:

Hey, if you have to food journal and have an iphone there is a really cool app for it (tracks the exercise too!) It is called 'lose it'. I seem to be in the same place, not because of insurance but because I have a wedding dress staring me in the butt.


on Tue Jan 20 09:56:29 2009

Jason commented:

Took part in a similar program at work last year.  Gave us a pedometer to track steps and then a notebook to record things. Weird theme of "Passport" with the idea that we were also learning about different countries as we did it. Don't get cute -- just let me think about getting healthier! Good reminder!  I really should get out for a walk today! (and maybe tomorrow, too)

on Sat Jan 24 12:07:06 2009

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