Furniture and IKEA

Randomly - we bought a new chair for the living room. It cost only slightly more than the ikea chair we had before, but it's so much better. I like IKEA, but you have to be careful.

On a totally unrelated note, I thought it might interest you to know how to say the name. I scrounged up an article which interviewed Rob Robinson, professor of Linguistics at Stanford University. He said "the most natural way for Americans to say IKEA is 'eye-key-uh.' For the Swedes, however, it's more like 'ee-kay-uh.'" So there you go.

Derek (Erb) commented:
Just out of curiosity... what does one have to be careful of with Ikea???
on Wed Jan 17 05:44:57 2007

David commented:
Well, besides tightening those weird connectors too tight, so they shear in half... their furniture seems to fall into two categories - 'good', and 'not good', and unfortunately the 'not good' stuff can be as expensive as the 'good'. We bought the chair online, so we didn't have the chance of looking it over, checking the construction, etc. Next time we will.
on Thu Jan 18 10:06:47 2007

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