Gizmodo at CES

The gadget world is up in arms over a prank at the Consumer Electronics Show. Seems one of the tech sites took a universal TV turner-offer with them, and went on a killing spree. They've posted a video of the results, along with an apology.

holly commented:
That was awesome. There have been several moments in coffee houses in San Diego where the TV was blaring to an otherwise empty room. What a sigh of relief to have some evil device to turn it off!
on Mon Jan 14 16:05:53 2008

David commented:
Wasn't it wonderful? I felt an almost palpable need to be the one pressing the off button as the person faced that giant wall of TVs and they suddenly went black.
on Mon Jan 14 22:49:11 2008

Anonymous commented:
The thing that amused me about the video is that it didn't appear that the first thing anyone did was check to see if they were still powered on. Isn't that the first question anyone in tech support asks - "Is your ____ turned on?"

on Tue Jan 15 17:52:14 2008

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