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It's not me, it's the evolution of technology:

In 2006, 28% of teens wrote on blogs and 76% regularly commented on their friends' blogs. Within three years, those numbers had dropped precipitously: In 2009, only 14% of teens were writing blogs and only 52% were regularly commenting.
And yes, I too was embarrassed by the title of the article. BTW - for this analogy to work, I have to count myself as a teen. Which in some ways I do - my work / hobby of keeping as close to the cutting edge as possible means I'm often aware of new trends before 'adults' (and one presumes that the article associates 'adults' with digital immigrants). And in some cases, teens. But against two-year-olds, I don't stand a chance!
Anonymous commented:

On the flip side, there are "oldsters" who use technology to monitor their offspring well into college and beyond.  Even if it's stuff that's totally yesterday, like Facebook :)

on Wed Feb 10 20:48:29 2010

David commented:

Fascinating. I'm familiar with the phenomenon (anyone who has worked in higher ed is, I think) but the article has some interesting insights - I'm curious to see what the final work has to say (and what has changed over the past three years to deal with the issue).

on Fri Feb 12 16:08:09 2010

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