I'd welcome comments on the new news bar - I used to subscribe to their publication, which collects and/or translates articles from around the world. I was excited to find they had a free news bar, and thought I'd try it. Let me know what you think, because right now I'm up in the air about it - is it good, or does it cramp the screen and otherwise get in the way?

Lisa Dugdale commented:
Hm... can you move the sides of your journal out a bit, so the text is less scrunched? Can it choose more exciting news to report? :) So, not so sure about it over here...
on Tue Mar 1 18:44:34 2005

David commented:
Sorry I erased your comment there for a bit - I've been working on the page the past couple of days, fiddling with things, and I'm afraid I ate yours (it was made between FTP sessions).
on Tue Mar 1 18:52:36 2005

Erik commented:
I think it does make things a little cramped, mostly because there's a pretty wide border on the left- and right-hand sides if you're using a decently high resolution (like 1024x768). If you could set things up so that the actual blog text expands to fill available space, while leaving the sidebar sizes fixed, that would lessen concern about a cramped layout.
on Sat Mar 5 13:19:37 2005

David commented:
Interesting. I tried to open it up some on the sides, but apparently not enough. Now that I have the widescreen computer at home it's really difficult to judge these things. I might try narrowing the width of the news window. Or I might just dump it. I might even see if I can accede to Lisa's request for more interesting news, though I do like the fact that they are sometimes in French....
on Mon Mar 7 17:13:59 2005

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