So Finian will be heading off soon (if he has not already) for his flight back to the states. It was good to see them both, and much card playing was had. Now we shall have Misty for the rest of the week, and on Thursday we will all take the evening train to London for a weekend of fun and merriment.

I have discovered, somewhat to my surprise, that the only thing I find more difficult than having a 'hard-core must-see-everything' tourist visit is having the opposite. Fin was happy enough to see some things, but was here for the card playing, not the old buildings. By Sunday afternoon I had reached my limit of indoor-ness, and had to get out and wander for a bit. Which was nice, as Sasha and I finally had the opportunity to explore the island near our house, which has a delightful little park on it.

This week, pre-depature, we're hoping to have some friends from work over for dinner, and we'll see what sort of fun the evenings hold. In the meantime, happy Valentine's day!

Jason in Egypt commented:
With all that said, what kind of visitor/tourist are you hoping I'll be? Sounds like Scoburn is currently doubtful about coming. But I think I have some connections to other random people in Paris through people I know here. That could be interesting.
on Mon Feb 14 22:42:16 2005

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