Here's something interesting - apparently the coptic pope has gone into seclusion in protest over the treatment of Egyptian christians. We actually saw the pope while in Egypt this fall (in fact, here's a photo I took of him), and we had the opportunity to interact with a number of Egyptian Christians, thanks to my friend Jason who is working in the Coptic community. I hadn't heard that much about the issues the article raises, but there is certainly an opinion among the Egyptian Christians that they are not being treated well in Egypt. It's a topic far too long to go into on this page, and I suspect Jason could get a book out of his experiences were he so inclined. Suffice it to say that all is not rosy in Egypt.

Jason in Egypt commented:
Glad my somewhat Christian-centered tour I gave you is having some benefits. Yes, just today I heard about Pope Shenouda going to the monastery. There's also some talk of him not speaking at Christmas but people think that would ignite things even further. For the time being, he has also cancelled the weekly meetings like David and Sasha attended with me. To say the least, people are on edge.
on Mon Dec 20 18:31:26 2004

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