I finally updated my contact info page, after yet another person noted it was wrong. She, however, was so cool she went to the pages jaunes (yellow pages) and looked us up. And there we were! (Click the word 'recherche' to see our address, and a map!)

Lisa Dugdale commented:
on Tue Dec 14 03:23:29 2004

Lisa Dugdale commented:
Hm... or could it be the fact that they are in a dark grey cell block, and one can't see them when looking at the page. I looked for your address too, but I couldn't even see the links when I looked, so I gave up. No Christmas card for Dave this year. ;)
on Tue Dec 14 03:24:54 2004

David commented:
I think somebody needs to replace their web browser....
on Wed Dec 15 06:41:48 2004

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