the internet is for... homeowners

I can't believe anything ever got done before the internet! Today I had a couple house-related tasks I wanted to get done - some pest control for our little bug problem, and someone to look at our turbine vents. Coincidentally, the yellow pages were delivered today, so I thought I would use them. Except they cover several hundred miles, so finding someone close to the house was tough. And I had no idea who was good. So I gave up on the analog approach, hit Angie's List to see if there were any highly rated companies in my area, then busted out Google Maps to see who was closest. Internets FTW!!!

Nikki commented:
Whew! Though, I can't believe that didn't surface to the top of the lists... probably the whole reason the firmware didn't work--vicious spiders.
on Tue Aug 26 19:54:03 2008

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