So, here's an interesting idea - according to the BBC, the national government of Ireland is set to be dispersed throughout the country, to various towns of all sizes, in an attempt to spread the wealth that comes from having a government agency in town. The story notes that much of the growth of the past decade has been centred on Dublin, and the Irish government is hoping with this move to 'share the joy', as it were. Of course, my first reaction was to think that it would make the government more inefficient because people couldn't meet with one another. But the fact of the matter is, these days it's all about phone calls and e-mail, not face-to-face meetings.

a.h commented:
I live in Ireland, and most of the nation know, that this so called decentralisation will only make government more efficient. However, the reason the government is pursuing such a policy is to please there core supporters, the extremely wealthy and to buy the next general election. As the move of all these people from Dublin to rural Ireland, will create loads of money for all these people in such areas, through increased land property and all the services that all these government departments will require. And as we all know "all politics is locally."
on Mon Aug 23 21:15:53 2004

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