Lincoln and health care

Courtesy of News in the Rock, an article in the New York Times about Senator Blanche Lincoln, one of our AR senators. The headline is somewhat misleading, as they call her a Democrat, but she's really something else - whatever a centrist party in the US might be called. And it's interesting, because there is very little doubt in my mind that if you took a poll in Arkansas, they would overwhelmingly reject free health care, even though they need it more than the US as a whole (51 percent of the people here have employer or private health insurance, as opposed to 58 percent for the US as a whole, according to the Kaiser Foundation). Interestingly, I don't necessarily put this down to stupidity - the US government has a horrible track record of running things, in large part because of our ambivalence to public funding of, well, anything. We get the worst of both worlds (and, it might be argued, Arkansas more than most).

David Hibbard commented:

Interesting, isn't it, how some poor folk are concerned about over taxing the rich, some African Americans who are conservatives when it is the liberals that fought and sometimes lost their lives for their civil rights and some women that choose to be conservatives and thumb their noses at the liberals that fought for their eaqual rights.

I'm reminded of a Star Trek DS-9 episode where Quark's workers were considering a strike because of poor working conditions and low pay. The other Ferengi that worked under Quark didn't want to strike because they were hoping to someday become the boss and oppress the workers under them.

So, don't raise taxes just in case I get lucky and become rich someday myself.





on Wed Aug 19 01:35:56 2009

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