I hate it when I write a blog post, then forget to actually post it! It's back-to-school season here in Conway, and it feels really odd to have all the 'getting ready for the new year' activities going on with us now being 'old-timers', as it were. Rather than running around trying to get ready, we watched movies this weekend - 'Star Trek' and 'Harry Potter'. Both were pretty good - nothing special, but pretty good. Actually, I thought the Harry Potter film was quite well done, for what it was - I'll put in the comments how I thought it could have been better (spoiler alert!)

David commented:

So at the end of the film, there's a scene where Harry is crying over the body of Dumbledore, and I thought how perfect it would have been to end the movie right there. Much as 'Minority Report' would have been better had they left Tom Cruise frozen - a very stark, uncomprimising ending. But of course, they didn't.

on Mon Aug 17 09:45:38 2009

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