So, the weekend was a crazy tourist bonanza: the eiffel tower, arc de triomphe, louvre, orsay, notre dame, sorbonne, and scary japanese food. We saw a good portion of the city in two days, and came back at the end of each day fairly well on our way to complete exhaustion. But it was fun, even if the Louvre was more inundated with tourists than I have ever seen. It was amazing. And needless to say, I took photographs, which I will try to put on the web before June, but probably not much before, given the whole computer thing.

Jason in Egypt commented:
So who is in the current batch of visitors?
on Mon Apr 4 22:01:58 2005

sasha commented:
My friends from college (yes, I actually have some), Natka and Janna.
on Tue Apr 5 11:37:16 2005

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