Rev. Wright Rampage

The Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. is on a mission to be heard. Not snippets, not sound bites, but the whole message. So he's been speaking all over. We had the good fortune to see both his recent speeches on TV (for a real treat, watch some of his speech to the National Press Club versus his speech to the NAACP in Detroit - it is very, VERY clear he is not targeting his words to the same audience). Both the BBC and the New York Times have coverage (I quite enjoyed Fox News' coverage, which was on in the hotel lobby. I'm sure you can guess what it said, more or less). Lessons I learned include: (1) don't talk about his mama; (2) don't try to out-scripture him - he will pwn you; (3) don't stand in front of him and speak - he'll make faces.

Jason commented:
Last night, my church hosted its second event to talk about Rev. Wright. At the first event, people were only expressing opinions based on the sound bites so this time the church provided some solid background -- transcripts of Wright's Sept. 11, 2001 message, several articles about him, and we watched a recording of part of a Trinity service from a few years back. So, we got the context not only by hearing a full sermon, but also hearing/seeing the singing, praying, etc. that took place before/after a sermon. It was probably the next best thing to being in the church. (the recording came courtesy of the head of the local NAACP chapter, who happens to be married to one of my Community Economic Development instructors) It was mostly "an older crowd" which included some children of the 60s, some of whom were/are activists. So, beyond good discussions with almost esclusively people from the church (like last night) there seems to be movement toward doing broader discussions/activities -- and I may have positioned myself to be actively involved.
on Tue Apr 29 09:20:02 2008

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