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I think the best way to post this next story is to put up the chat with the person who pointed me to it:

(2:59:15 PM) Jason: go to
(2:59:27 PM) odoketa: kk
(2:59:31 PM) Jason: are you there?
(2:59:37 PM) odoketa: yah
(3:00:04 PM) Jason: Do you see the little icon beside the video camera icon on some of the stories?
(3:00:17 PM) odoketa: is that a tshirt?
(3:00:23 PM) Jason: yes, yes it is...
(3:00:24 PM) Jason: click it
(3:00:40 PM) odoketa: WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!
If you follow his instructions, you will see that you can now purchase, apparently, a t-shirt with CNN headlines on them. You can go to the CNN Shirt FAQ to read all about it.
Jason commented:
I'm so honored to have my CNN conversation posted here. Also, it looks like David was one of the first to Blog about this. Too bad Google doesn't pull up his entry -- it would be good for his wallet! In addition, you can hack the URL to make the T-shirt display any words that you want... *laugh* Sadly, if you go to put a customized shirt into your basket to purchase it you get an error.
on Mon Apr 21 17:09:08 2008

David commented:
I'm curious - how did you find this? Or did you just notice it and think 'hmmm - I should click the mystery link that looks like a t-shirt'?
on Mon Apr 21 18:53:48 2008

holly commented:
Owww, that really made my head hurt. A Shakira song turned into a headline turned into a t-shirt. So wrong, just so wrong...
on Mon Apr 21 20:24:07 2008

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