Magical weekend

I geeked out at the weekend, heading over to a Magic: the Gathering pre-release tournament in Detroit. It was actually amusing to do again. It's been well-nigh on a decade since I participated in the tournaments, and the rules have changed a bit, but mostly it was just the same. Our opponents, sadly, wiped the floor with us, and we left after our chances of winning were reduced to zero.

Anonymous commented:

a what now?

for some reason i had it in my head that was in two weeks. 

did you run into dave rappaport judging then?


on Mon Apr 21 22:40:58 2008

David commented:
Why yes, Yes I did. And that was fairly amusing too. Walk in to a building expecting to see exactly zero people I know, and an old college friend is one of the judges. Wacky, wacky stuff.
on Tue Apr 22 07:43:32 2008

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