Fundraiser for Kris Allen

American Idol is seriously big here:

A Kris Allen fundraiser and watch party will be held at the Pizza Inn, 724 Oak St., Wednesday night.

Pizza Inn will donate 10 percent of buffet sales [...] to help send Kris' brother Daniel Allen to Los Angeles to support his brother in his quest to be the next American Idol.

I keep thinking I should watch, either the show or the individual from Conway, just to see what it's all about. But I really cannot be asked.
Shelby commented:

Once we finally got cable for the first time in 7 years, I decided I should be a lemming and pick a reality show to watch. Because I loved Star Search, I settled on American Idol, thus launching my first season as an AI fan. It is, in fact, extremely similar to Star Search minus the Spokesmodel, comedy, and dance categories and adding a significantly greater monetary reward at the end.

Kris Allen is attractive in that boy-next-door way and has been buoyed along by both young girls and the mothers of young girls who would like their daughters to marry a nice, wholesome boy like Kris, despite the fact that he isn't particularly talented.

It's unlikely that Kris will be eliminated this week, but even more unlikely that he will win the competition, so if you do ever want to catch him on tv, I'd do it within the next 3 weeks.

However, this week (tomorrow) is Disco Week--and I strongly predict that it will be worth it to watch the campiest contestant AI has ever seen: the gayer-than-an-Easter Parade Adam.

on Mon Apr 20 20:48:27 2009

David commented:

I'm sensing a doubter in the Kris Allen fan club. However, I have been informed by those in the know that there is also a contestant from Kalamazoo (which is where I'm from). He's the one who was 'saved' by the judges, so I'm not clear how long he'll be around, but at least I have two chances to have a local winner.

Worth noting: Allen has never been in the bottom three...

on Tue Apr 21 11:40:27 2009

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