We had a busy, busy weekend - Kimberly and Sean arrived Friday, and we've been on the go ever since. A visit into Paris to do some shopping and wandering on Saturday, and on Sunday a trip out to Chantilly (yes, the home of cream and lace) to see the chateau. It's an amazing building, quite pretty, although it's too new for Sasha. Inside was a most impressive collection of art, primarily portraits. The grounds were also quite pretty, and for some reason there was an enclosure full of Wallaby (one of which had a baby in its pouch - very cute!) No big plans to my knowledge for the rest of the week, as I'll be at work. At some point I'm going to have to take some holiday, as I've got several weeks to burn, but as yet I've had no opportunity to get away. We'll see what happens next month when Jason gets here - perhaps we'll take a week somewhere away from Paris. On the upside, all of this staying at home has been great for my bank account.

Jason in Egypt commented:
I can't express how happy I am to get mentioned in your Blog! *grin* So you think you'll burn some vacation time while I'm around? That would be great! Have a good weekend. It's going to be a bit crazy for me...
on Thu Apr 21 21:16:21 2005

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