An article on the Titan landing, published today on the BBC website, discusses the idea that the surface of Titan was like creme brulee:

And what of the crème brûlée analogy? Yes, the OU team has tested it.

"I have to stress this was the students; it was all their idea and they did it in their spare time, not in the university's time," Professor Zarnecki admitted.

"They did a drop into a crème brûlée. It had a nice crust and, horrifyingly, they got a signal that wasn't a million miles from the real one from Titan. So maybe the moon is a crème brûlée in the sky after all," the researcher joked.

Mmmmm. Tasty moons of Saturn.... I think perhaps we should send a manned probe. I'll volunteer!
Lisa Dugdale commented:
Y'know, David, I'm not so sure I needed an image of you lapping up the surface of Titan. It's all wrong!
on Mon Apr 11 20:30:51 2005

Jason in Egypt commented:
In fact, I'll skip any image of David "lapping". *ewwwww*
on Tue Apr 12 00:01:12 2005

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