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You know, I tend to think of roofing as one of those high-value occupations, where each customer brings in thousands of dollars. So I therefore would have guessed that, for example, if a potential customer called, a roofer might, I don't know, say, perhaps, return the call? But oddly, that has so far not been my experience. Rather, my list of 'left a message, never got a callback' is slowly growing (slowly, because I tent to wait for the callback that never comes).

Nikki commented:
You know, it strikes me that this might just be one of those do-it-yourself kinda repairs. I'm guessing this kind of job will simply require, oh, I dunno, a ladder, some nails and a few pieces of wood. Maybe (and I can't stress the maybe enough) some kind of spackle.
on Fri Sep 5 18:04:28 2008

sasha commented:
You know, when I first read your comment, Nikki, I thought you said a bit of sparkle.  And I thought - yeah!  Sparkly roofs!!
on Sat Sep 6 12:13:13 2008

Nikki commented:
That's an even better idea!!
on Sun Sep 7 10:14:31 2008

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