more squirrels

Well, the good news is, we got two whole squirrels out of the attic. The bad news is, they were babies. Adolescents, actually. The guy picking them up actually asked me if I had a BB gun, because it was pretty clear she was planning to eat his face if he came up the ladder. She finally went away, and while I stood watch he climbed the ladder and got the cage with these two. Now we wait for her to come back and get trapped herself. Hopefully soon.

Nikki commented:
No BB gun?! What kind of American are you? I hope you looked him dead on and said that no real man keeps BB guns and offered up the double barrel shotgun, or the semi-automatic at a minimum. And now, the real question is... has Mina made a pact with this wily beasts? I mean, I have cats that are climbing the rail on the balcony when a squirrel even looks the wrong way from the nearby tree.
on Sat Sep 27 11:08:14 2008

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