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Interesting. For those of you paying too much attention to the presidential elections, you may be aware that John McCain 'suspended' his campaign to go be all economic in Washington. He cancelled a television appearance on a late night talk show (and David Letterman was not happy at all about it), and announced he would not be participating in the debate Friday. That was yesterday. Today, the debate is back on. Depending on who you read, either:

  • McCain Decides to Participate in Debate (New York Times), or
  • McCain Says Yes to Debate in Miss. (Washington Post), or
  • McCain proves leadership in time of crisis (Chicago Sun-Times)
So there you go. Either way, come this eve I'll be sitting on top of a very cool old cement factory drinking beer and watching the two candidates beat each other senseless over something - either foreign policy (the subject of the first debate, before the economy became important to everyone), or the economy (because it's not like we have troops overseas or anything).

By the way, if you read the New York Times with any regularity, I would like to remind you all of bug me not, a website that supplies log in credentials for websites with annoying log in requirements like the Times.

holly commented:
I personally loved NPR's take on it this morning here in San Diego... McCain "suspended" his campaign to go to Washington to usher all of this through, didn't talk much in any of the meetings, and agreed with the republican disagreers. It's funny, typically they are a little more neutral - guess someone at NPR was really looking forward to the debates... (and on the local news the anchor stopped just short of calling him a pussy - a great way to start the day at 6am:)
on Fri Sep 26 14:08:59 2008

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