I don't know if all of you have tried Firefox yet, but if you haven't, now is the time. They've rolled out a 1.0 version, which includes one of the coolest features I've seen for some time. They're calling them 'live bookmarks', but what they really are is an integrated RSS reader which makes each of your RSS feeds a drop down menu of recent posts to your favorite sites (by default Firefox comes with the BBC feed, which instantly made me a fan!) You really ought to give the product a try if you haven't - and not just because IE is terrible.

Erik commented:
I've been using Mozilla for quite some time. Is switching to Firefox worthwhile even then? (I never even heard of RSS until today, so I guess I'm not missing that feature. :) ) How's its CSS support?
on Sat Sep 25 12:51:16 2004

David commented:
Oh, Erik, you make me cry. Seriously, tho, it's a great piece of software. try it - it's not like you're stuck with it just by trying it. And read more about RSS!!!
on Sun Sep 26 15:17:25 2004

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