Today as my office mate was leaving the office she asked me "Any special plans for the weekend?" and without thinking I responded "Nope. Nothing." and then I realized that Sunday is my birthday. What a crap time to be homeless. I had already decided to postpone my birthday until such time as I have an apartment, but it really is depressing to be unable to celebrate, have a party, something. And even worse when you're so resigned to your fate that you forget your birthday altogether. *sigh*

Jason in Egypt commented:
C'mon, keep that bearded chin of yours up! Think of how lucky you have the power to postpone your own birthday. Maybe I'll pull that trick when I get ready to turn 30!
on Sat Sep 18 22:52:08 2004

Erik commented:
Thirtieth birthdays are nothing to postpone or sweep under a rug. They can be great fun. Just stretch out the celebration over several days, doing as many things and seeing as many people as you want. It also helps to have other early 30-somethings tell you that the 30s are actually a great time, when you really get to learn about yourself and find out what is important to you, including what you want to do in life.
on Sun Sep 19 12:46:54 2004

Jason in Egypt commented:
I guess David's lucky that he has another year before hitting 30! Bum!
on Sun Sep 19 17:24:20 2004

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