what to do with all that spare cash

Every now and again I encounter a store so completely beyond my belief I have to share, and today, that store's (very swanky) catalog arrived in my mailbox. As with many of the catalogs we receive these days, this catalog was intended for the previous tenants, or perhaps more accurately their children. Called Posh Tots, it caters to a particular crowd - the type that pays $1,200 for a butterfly chandelier, for example.

Shelby commented:
Oh look! They have a baby registry! I better get busy...
on Fri Sep 12 04:31:30 2008

holly commented:
Ummm, that explains alot about the families I have been working with. Their kids are almost entirely outfitted in the clothing from that site. I should ask for more money...
on Fri Sep 12 09:29:53 2008

David commented:

If they're decked out in stuff from that site, you should ask for a lot more money!

on Sat Sep 13 01:13:17 2008

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