not so good

Good: making the news. Bad: making the news for something bad. Worse: being named in the article personally for something bad. I give you the story, which was on the front page of the Arkansas section of the big Little Rock newspaper. It's the second half of the story which interests me.

David commented:

I also took a screen capture of the section of the newspaper it appeared in. Notice the prominent placement of the article above the fold.

on Fri Sep 11 14:00:31 2009

holly commented:

Hey, bad link for the story, just takes me to the AARP website. 

on Sat Sep 12 19:07:28 2009

David commented:

How interesting - I wonder if they have removed it, since it was a full text copy of the article. Fortunately, I mailed it to myself so I could pull out the good bits for you. The names have been changed to protect the innocent (or something). Read on.

on Sun Sep 13 00:01:27 2009

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