Well, that was fast! It's Friday, the last day before I head back. It's been good - I'm glad I came home. Now I've just got to survive a week in Paris all by myself, and things will return to normal (I might even have internet before the month is out).

Coming home is always so weird in some ways - the ghosts of the past, and a sense of what might have been had I been a different person, or simply made slightly different choices. It's a weird mix of the claustrophobic and the comfortable. On the one hand, West Michigan is so small, and it almost seems you can feel opportunity drain away as you sit, like if you stayed too long you would simply have to get a job at a gas station or something. But on the other hand, everyone is so friendly, and you know everything there is to know about the area - over there used to be that store, that's now a parking lot, and the city looks good now that they've done this and that other thing. It's home, in all the good meanings of the term.

Coming back will be odd, and I don't think I could stay for too long, as much fun as Ann Arbor is. But on the other hand, it's comfortable, like your favorite pair of jeans.

Jason in Egypt commented:
Glad you're enjoying your travels. I'm going a bit insane right now trying to figure out where I want to go for the first 3 weeks of December and then have my father arrive at the end of Dec. for 2 1/2 weeks. Any suggestions? When will Sarah be around Paris? I can get there on Air France for about $700. How much did you pay to get to Cairo?
on Fri Oct 15 20:52:03 2004

Jason in Egypt commented:
Nice, it looks like you fixed the bug I mentioned. Well done! Would you believe I'm listening to a stream from a San Diego radio station right now? *laugh*
on Fri Oct 15 20:53:25 2004

sasha commented:
our tickets were considerably less than that - i think they wound up being 450 euros - so keep looking!! on the other hand, we'd love to have you, so just come anyway...
on Fri Oct 15 22:15:23 2004

Jason in Egypt commented:
Still debating my options. Looks like Christmas day itself is out. I think my group is going to be at a Retreat Center near Tanta, at my Bishop's invitation. Before that, I might go somewhere in Egypt and get my diving certification. Still not sure... *laugh*
on Sat Oct 16 12:09:43 2004

Erik commented:
I know that feeling about A^2 (and for me, the western Detroit 'burbs, like Livonia, Northville, Farmington, and Plymouth) being like a comfortable pair of jeans. I will definitely miss this area when I'm in Bowling Green! I find myself wondering if my feeling that I'll be back here after I earn my Masters' is just the side of me that wants to stay masquerading as intuition, or if I truly will be returning. Who can say?
on Sat Oct 16 18:59:44 2004

sarah in atl commented:
I'll be in paris for Christmas - 22-26th - I miss home too (Ohio) and it seems the longer I am gone, the less I get back there....sad
on Sun Oct 17 17:42:07 2004

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