So what in the world is 'cialis', anyway? Because if I get one more piece of spam trying to sell it to me, I'm going to go postal!

Speaking of going postal, I just finished the new Terry Pratchett book, Going Postal, which was quite a laugh, and highly recommended. I didn't like his last one, so it was nice to get a book that I felt was back in form for him.

Erik commented:
I think Cialis is yet another drug to aid in certain types of "dysfunction". From what I can gather from the commercials here - of which there are plenty - you're able to function for about 36 hours after a dose. I, too, am barraged with Cialis offers. Recently, Rolex watches have entered into the spam mix. Though just as annoying, it's at least nice to see a little variety in my spam.
on Fri Nov 5 22:30:03 2004

David commented:
36 hours! Isn't that called a 'priapism' in the medical books? Yikes!
on Sat Nov 6 08:53:19 2004

Erik commented:
Whoops! I think what they mean is you dysfunction is alleviated for 36 hours, not that you can go on for 36 consecutive hours. Egad!
on Sun Nov 7 13:46:50 2004

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