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A nice start to my day - a person from a company I'm working with emailed me this morning, and I immediately thought it was spam. Given that this person had the first initial 'S' and the last name 'Panky', I think I was well defended in thinking it was junk mail. Personally, I would have requested a different address.

holly commented:

I get that too with a work email of heck. I asked for a different one and they told me they weren't equipped to give out alternatives. i have had several parents say, as I ask if they received my email, 'oh, that was you? I thought it was spam so I deleted it.' 

on Fri May 29 11:29:04 2009

David commented:

It's interesting that they say that - I assume they will change your mail for you new name? There must be provisions for this - what if you hired Fred Uck, or Bob Itch, or something like that?

on Fri May 29 11:38:52 2009

Nikki commented:

They probably use msft--they aren't equipped to handle customizations much of anything... oh, did I say that aloud?

on Sat May 30 18:52:51 2009

David commented:
From what I've seen thus far, I fear M$ might be a bit too advanced for them. I expect rather they have a chimp in the basement of their offices (which may or may not be located in the house of one of their parents) banging on rocks to make their email go.
on Sun May 31 14:36:14 2009

Nikki commented:
Hmm, good point. msft is way more evolved being as they have moved up to apes with firewires, and Xbox and case of Keystone Light. though I suspect the parent's basement is still very much in the picture. ;)
on Mon Jun 1 12:39:18 2009

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