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Well, I have finally gone over to the dark side. This morning I paid $20 to get a full copy of World of Warcraft and a 30 day subscription. I'm going to put it on prepaid cards so that I can turn it on and off whenever I want, but that won't stop it from eating my money - merely slow it down.

On the upside, it is beautiful. Amazing colors, lots and lots of detail, etc. Of course, all that has really done has made me want to find even more complex games so I can max out the video card. Hopefully I'll get in to one of the betas I applied to (Conan and Pirates of the Burning Sea) so I can push the machine even harder.

Anonymous commented:
Isn't it? Beats the heck out of 95% of SL. -Bryan
on Fri May 18 12:16:06 2007

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