back in ol' MI

This 'jetlag' thing is a killer! About 4pm today I started thinking how nice it would be to go home and go to bed. Usually I just ignore that voice, but usually I am not at work the day after getting back from Europe. Or maybe I'm just getting old.... Regardless, I'm now fully back, and gearing up for the big event this weekend, which is much bigger in the local population's mind than I would have guessed. Apparently, according to one local paper, even the weekend road construction has been rescheduled to allow everyone easy access to the stadium where the big event will be held.

I also read that, in addition to the main event this Sunday, there are several other related opportunities to hobnob with the stars, such as a celebrity bowling event (I do not joke), a Hall of Fame induction ceremony, and the premiere of a film (which, reading the description, sounds nothing like a film which starred another muscle-bound individual).

Nikki commented:
We're doomed. They are descending on our city like vultures to the feed. Reinforcements will be necessary. I'm going to look for gold bracelets and a lasso immediately.
on Sat Mar 31 10:54:12 2007

David commented:
Awesome! And underoos! Don't forget the underoos!
on Sat Mar 31 12:42:54 2007

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