but is he hairy Potter?

I don't know how I missed this! Apparently Daniel Radcliffe, the actor best known for playing Harry Potter in the films, has made his stage debut, playing the disturbed stableboy in equus. For those of you not familiar with the play, there is a scene which has caused a bit of a stir, as it involves our dear Mr. Potter getting naked. Rumour has it that Warner Bros. is not amused, although they have issued a statement denying this.

Heidi commented:
The headline on this posting is a bit much, David.
on Fri Mar 2 11:24:36 2007

David commented:
I'm glad you approve!
on Fri Mar 2 14:00:09 2007

David commented:
It would appear I have the answer to my terrible question: the NY Times has an article with a photo, which would seem to indicate there is no hairy Potter.
on Wed Mar 7 00:09:56 2007

Heidi commented:
They do not have a photo. they have a SLIDE SHOW. oh, and those interviews with the fan-struck Euro girls were the BEST.
on Wed Mar 7 20:02:55 2007

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