The vatican, or at least one of the cardinals of the catholic church, has finally decided it was time to 'correct' some impressions people are getting from The Da Vinci Code. Said Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, in a BBC interview: "I have not been given a special duty from the Vatican to criticise this book," and continued "But my opinion, my initiative has found a positive echo amongst many cardinals, who are saying 'finally someone has the courage to speak'." According to the latest article on him, his sessions are well attended. The questions cited in the article make me worry though - are people really incapable of telling fact from fiction?

Shelby commented:
"are people really incapable of telling fact from fiction?" Sadly, yes. Even people in my own book club (yes, I'm terribly embarrassed that my book club read the DaVinci Code) believed some of it--and these are highly educated people. Many seem incapable of grasping the concept of Historical Fiction (emphasis on the Fiction) as well--I've heard dozens of people who believe that Girl With A Pearl Earring was completely factual. It's scary, really.
on Fri Mar 18 17:30:12 2005

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