da bears

So I am considering working for the Obama campaign this fall, and as such today I created an account on my.barackobama.com (which, according to the new york times, is run by one of the founders of facebook - which is clear - it's a very well designed site, with lots of stuff to do). In browsing around the site I discovered a local group that wasn't exactly what I expected from Arkansas - it seemed one of the local groups was called 'Bears for Barack'. Sadly, it wasn't what I expected, but rather referred to a local sports mascot.

Shelby commented:
Too bad about the Bears for Barack--such potential there. I tried to friend you but I couldn't find you in a search :(.
on Mon Jul 14 21:16:02 2008

David commented:
That's probably because I've put in my new zip code - 72034. Look for David or odoketa in that zip. You can be my very first friend!!
on Mon Jul 14 22:14:33 2008

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