One of my Christmas presents this year was a new lens for my camera, and as such I shot about a thousand more pictures than I would have otherwise. I've put together a little page with some of the better shots for your viewing pleasure.

Anonymous commented:

The photo of the gathering at the dinner table is great. The lens is worth every cent. It captures mood as well as light. Or is that the skill of the user??

on Sun Jan 18 06:03:16 2009

Anonymous commented:

By the way the above comment was by Andrew in Australia

on Sun Jan 18 06:06:00 2009

Nikki commented:

Impressive. You keep getting better and better! Equipment is all fine and well, but it still requires an artistic ability to *see* it. Now, if you agree to take the photos for my cookbook, I *MIGHT* consider forgiving you for skipping me while on the East Coast recently...

on Sun Jan 18 12:19:43 2009

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