found out!

Oh dear. Nikki asked in her comment what it is I've been doing on ebay, and I realized that although I've been setting myself up for ridicule on a seemingly daily basis with those I see in person, I had not yet made a clean breast of it here.

I, gentle reader, am going to Wrestlemania.

I do have an excuse (several, in fact!) - you may remember some weeks ago my nieces went with us to Chicago. At that time we were not able to take my nephew (the car only holds five), so we told him we'd do something else with him. He requested, you guessed it, wrestling.

So why ebay? Well, as I don't follow wrestling all that closely (or indeed at all), I had not realized there was a major event being held in my backyard. So I missed the official ticket sales. So I went to ebay, and bought the first tickets I could find. But then I realized they weren't very good. So I bought a better set. And now I have to turn around and sell the first set on.

So now, dear reader, you know my ignominy. You have seen full on the scarlet 'WWE' blazoned on my chest. I can only throw myself on your gentle graces, and beg you not despise me! Remember, I would ask, all the good times we have had, before this dark day when my secret was revealed to the world!

Oh, yeah. I bought a computer too.

Jason in Egypt commented:
Another computer? Is this to replace a computer you already have? Or are you adding to the collection?
on Sat Feb 10 12:37:39 2007

David commented:
We're replacing the G3 imac we have, as it was getting a little slow - we ask it to work pretty hard, so it seemed like a good idea to get something a touch faster. I'm pretty excited about getting this new one, though it's a little bit bigger than I would have hoped, I think we can squirrel it away somewhere.

So, does anyone want a cheap mac? It runs OSX pretty well, and does great for surfing the web and editing documents!

on Sat Feb 10 13:34:22 2007

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