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So I was driving in to work this morning, and for some reason the radio station was playing Sultans of Swing, which is an amazing song by Dire Straits. And then it ended, and this came on. And I thought 'my goodness - I just got RickRolled on my way to work! How terrible!'

Shelby commented:
on Fri Feb 8 22:05:28 2008

Nikki commented:
So, after amusing myself with the thought of this last night and (admittedly) laughing over it on and off... what should happen to me today? Yeah, driving down 202 and there it is, Rick Astley. Even worse, it's stuck in my head now. I'd blame you, but karma has already bitten me in the ass on this one.
on Sat Feb 9 17:27:26 2008

Andrew commented:

Since you mentioned this and xkcd within a couple of days of each other, I thought I would post <a href="">this</a>, as it brought me great amusement, as most of his stuff does:



on Mon Feb 11 11:22:12 2008

Andrew commented:
Apparently I haven't posted in a while, as i see now that the tools provide an html editor that I should have used for that link.  Oops
on Mon Feb 11 11:23:45 2008

holly commented:

An alternative version of the things Rick is never going to do... 

on Mon Feb 11 14:53:30 2008

David commented:
I just want you all to know how much you all scare me. I may be laughing my butt off, but deep down inside, I'm afraid!
on Tue Feb 12 09:41:17 2008

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