Still doing sessions at the conference. It looks like after the sessions are over, we'll have a little time to go into Savannah and see the sights. The architecture as we were driving in was lovely. I don't know much about the city, although Sarah mentioned Midnight in the Garden of good and evil, so I guess the park used for the cover of the book (with the angel statue) is around somewhere.

Nikki commented:
It is there, and they have tours... sadly, I know this though I have never set foot in Savannah. Ah, the things from Unival that will stay with me.
on Fri Feb 10 22:12:36 2006

Anonymous commented:
The "Garden" is a cememtary - I think its Savannah's Pere LaChaise or something like that. Really old, lots of dead people, I hope you don't see any!
on Fri Feb 10 23:20:04 2006

Anonymous commented:
BTW -that last post was from me, Sarah
on Fri Feb 10 23:20:35 2006

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