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I read somewhere recently that Al Gore had made an appearance, somewhere, where rather than saying 'I will not run in 2008', he fudged. And they said the rest of the appearance, while on the subject of 2008, was a bad flashback to 2000, when Al Gore was the worst presidential candidate ever.

I was reminded of this because I just got an email directing me to Al Gore's website, where you can sign up to go to an 'An Inconvenient Truth houseparty' in your area. And I was halfway tempted - I haven't seen the movie, and I thought it might be amusing to see it in the presence of the truly devout.

This Al Gore, the environmentalist and crusader, I could vote for. The Al Gore of 2000 I could not vote for. Which will we get, and will whichever one we get be a candidate in 2008? We'll see.

Anonymous commented:
I like Gore quite a lot after seeing an Inconvenient Truth (though not necessarily interesting, this was the first time the whole global warming thing has ever been thoroughly explained to me at the level of a five-year-old). I liked him even more after seeing this Spike Jonze clip:
on Fri Dec 8 12:39:00 2006

Jason in Egypt commented:
Ummm...won't you be on an airplane at the time of these house parties? I think it'd be nice to watch this too, but I don't think the timing is good since that's my first full day back! *laugh* But, stranger things have happened...
on Sat Dec 9 03:40:08 2006

David commented:
The video link above, if you haven't taken a look, is quite fun. I'm not totally clear who shot it, but it's fun to watch Gore either out of politician mode (mroe or less), or doing a great job of acting out of politician mode.
on Sun Dec 10 10:50:12 2006

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