Friday again! If I make it through today, it's less than a full week until the Christmas holiday begins. We're crazy busy for the holidays, going to Switzerland this weekend to see Sasha's brother and his family, and then Sarah will arrive on Wednesday (or maybe Tuesday! Ack! I need to check that!) and stay until Sunday, the day after Christmas, and then on Sunday we're off to Venice.

Special thanks to Jason for pointing us to Easy Hotel, which may have saved us several hundred dollars on our hotel room in Venice. We're still working through the details of our trip, but we've pretty much settled on just staying in Venice for the week, because it looks as though everything will be quite crazy expensive that week. We may make day trips to nearby cities like Verona and Padua, but we may just stay in the city and see every museum (twice, even).

I am in dire need of the holiday vacation. We've been working on a paper the past few weeks, and I haven't been as productive as I could have been, so I've been staying later each day, trying to get done what I didn't get done during the normal day. But of course, as the weeks go by one simply get run further and further down, because it starts to feel like you never leave the office. I used to have a co-worker who left on time every day, and that got me in the habit of leaving on time every day. Sadly, she moved to another building, and now I find that, without prompting, I just don't leave. Perhaps that can be my New Year's resolution.

Jason in Egypt commented:
Woo hoo! Look at me getting mentioned! I hope you can save some cash and get a nice enough place. Maybe I'll actually email you today, too!
on Sat Dec 18 12:54:45 2004

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