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Sasha had a big dinner with her colleagues last night, so I was left to my own devices. After some bizarrely mundane stuff like washing the car, I got cracking on a new web page.

You may remember that for a while google was my friend. They even sent me a check. But then, just like their sudden arrival, their departure was also swift. I was abandoned. So I decided to see if I could reclaim the glorious heights with a page designed to attract certain keywords, which also contained exactly what it claimed to contain (as opposed to a junk page). So I crafted the France Pictures page, which is a selection of some of my favourite pictures taken over my two years in Paris. It's a work in progress, as I hope to eventually link the pictures back to the original location on the website, but for now I think it's fairly attractive, and we'll see if it's also search engine attractive.

Nikki commented:
As always, your photographs are amazing... search engines or not ;)
on Fri Dec 15 08:16:34 2006

Anonymous commented:
You should check the links on your page. I found a couple where the wires had been crossed - ie. Link A led to pic B and visa versus.
on Fri Dec 15 08:58:41 2006

David commented:
Yeah - I used an automatic thumbnail/webpage generator to get the basic layout, then played with it something fierce to make everything look just so. Unfortunately, the auto-page generator makes the links more complicated than they ought to be, so some of them got killed. I'm planning on fixing that as I add links to the originals, but I wanted to get the basic page up so it would be scanned, and I figured I'd fix it over time - a few links here, a few links there.
on Fri Dec 15 10:38:07 2006

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