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I posted the photos from London and Ireland this evening. In addition to all the usual stuff I would ordinarily take, there are a number of photos from a photography tour of London I took with Hairy Goat tours. I had decided since Sasha had to work it might be fun to do a tour, and the idea of the 'mystery tour' they offered, where you didn't know ahead of time what you would see, seemed like fun. I also liked the fact that there was no commitment - just show up at the appointed time. It was great to see bits of London I hadn't seen, and because the guide had an eye for details I often overlook, I ended up looking at some things - and I mean really looking - that I might otherwise have missed. It was also fun because the company is just getting rolling, and so my interest in how businesses are run was engaged. So have a look - I had lots of fun shooting these, so I hope they have some interest for you.

Also, as a side note, there's a Princess Bride film location, as well as a Harry Potter one in the photos. I've tagged them in the captions.

Nikki commented:

Great pics... your eye keeps getting better and better.  It shouldn't have surprised me since the castles/forts in San Juan were Irish architecture, but the similarities were amazing from some of your photos.

on Mon Aug 10 20:31:55 2009

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