Last day at work today. It's always odd, saying goodbye to people you work with. I made it most of the day without getting too choked up, but there were moments - you can feel the changes seeping into you - the world shifts, and you went in a different direction, and all that was you becomes someone else. But now it's done - the last email sent, the last file edited, the computer shut down and the lights turned out. And we continue - tomorrow people will arrive to take all the stuff we aren't taking with us away. Sunday we clean like mad fiends, ditto Monday, and Tuesday we are reduced to homeless nomads. Wednesday we fly home.

I closed my bank account today as well, more or less - it is still open, but only if I write a check - I have no ATM card and I have no credit card anymore.

On the upside, it looks like for a little while I get to do some contract work - some changes that don't really fit in the time frame very well, given that the staff at work has been reduced by one. But I was ready, willing, and able, so for the next few months I'll be putting in some part time work, getting everything around to do that. I may do a little tax dodging as well - set up a home office and deduct it from my taxes. Of course, I don't think I'll owe taxes, so maybe I should wait until next year....

Nikki commented:
It really is a matter of how to best screw over the govt, now isn't it? It doens't matter if you would really owe taxes or not; it is the very idea that you could have the satisfaction of knowing that you would win.
on Fri Aug 26 21:19:57 2005

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