How exciting! There's a little article - more of an entry - about me in the Bermuda Sun.

Heidi commented:
I can't help but notice that the announcement before yours is a couple from Pembroke parish. How very Pride and Prejudice.
on Sat Aug 19 07:12:49 2006

Heidi commented:
(realizing belatedly that it's a little obscure, i'll clarify: Pembroke is where they filmed the latest version of P&P with the erstwhile piratess; Darcy's estate is Pemberly. of course. I'm done now.)(blushes)
on Sat Aug 19 08:46:37 2006

Anonymous commented:
how official looking, now what happens if someone objects? NOt that anyone would, or should, but out of curiousity's sake - Yay for the both of you!!!!!!
on Sat Aug 19 15:02:27 2006

David commented:
Sasha had pointed out that it might be better not to let people see the ad, so they couldn't object. I figure our friends aren't that cruel.
on Sat Aug 19 15:23:38 2006

sasha commented:
Ah, but is it only our *friends* who read your blog??

Seriously, though, I think the objection has to be relatively substantial. For example, if someone (perhaps Samuel L. Jackson?) were to reveal that David has a stepson named Sarah (and therefore should have either sent proof that his previous wife had died or divorced him), then they wouldn't let us go through with it. But if someone said, "hey, they shouldn't get married because, umm, I don't like one of them" then they would say, "stop wasting valuable Bermuda government time." But that's just my theory.

on Sat Aug 19 16:57:17 2006

Nikki commented:
No, not that cruel so much as bored. LOL... congrats nonetheless... I'll behave.
on Sat Aug 19 16:58:13 2006

David commented:
Curse you, Samuel L. Jackson! CURSE YOUUUUUUU!
on Sat Aug 19 17:05:56 2006

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