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:: Friday, January 31, 2003 ::

Ah, the weekend! Only 1pm and already I've watched an old movie - this one came with a cartoon at the beginning! One of those wonderful (?) cartoons from WWII where the big bad wolf wears a swastika and has a little mustache, and the pigs have heavy armament.

The main film was called Woman of the Year, with Spencer Tracy and Kathering Hepburn. She plays a globetrotting multilingual feminist and he a sportswriter. They both write for the same newspaper, and of course fall in love. The interesting thing about this movie is that, in 1942, it was addressing issues that we still deal with, in much the same way, today. She wants a family and a job and a husband, but has time only for the job. So after they are married he finds himself seeing her no more than before. And when he does see her she's only partly there. Interesting for a movie 61 years old (!). Much more character driven than many of the films from the period. It also resolved things in a much less obnoxious fashion than some films (amusingly, later films) where the woman would realize her place was in the home at the end, and everyone would live happily ever after, her in servitude and he the breadwinner. I find it interesting how many issues the movie hit on are still around, and even prevalent, today.
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:: Thursday, January 30, 2003 ::
...and speaking of companies that are still around after a year or two - Time Warner and AOL! Wow that's a lot of money! It seems every time I heard about it they had lost more money! I'm completely impressed with all of it! Who says convergence is dead? AOL and Time Warner do!
:: David 11:54 PM [+] ::
New article about blogging in The Guardian. I feel bad for not being one of the geeks in on the ground floor. The article suggests blogs are a great way to make money b/c they require so little by way of staff - just put them out there and let everyone else add content. It also suggests people are more comfortable paying for things on the internet, or rather quotes someone as saying such. I don't really think so, just yet. The nice ting about comments like that are that you can check in a year or two and see if the company is still around. If it is, he was right (or at least, right enough). If it isn't, he was wrong (or wrong enough).
:: David 4:01 PM [+] ::
So it occurs to me that my life involves far too many television shows these days. Last night was The Bachelorette and Angel. Truth be told, I could only take a little bit of the Bachelorette, but I must confess I'm quite into Angel these days. It's the characters and the stories - like the old Conan books but with more well developed heroes. Soaps for people who don't want the standard fare. *sigh*
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:: Wednesday, January 29, 2003 ::
Erik sent me this email:

Suggestion for your "who the heck is..." page... add Jason and Jill. You have links to their blogs, but we have no idea why. :)

So there you go, Erik!
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:: Tuesday, January 28, 2003 ::
Had to call Misty this morning for further discussion of last night's "Joe Millionaire" - there was some question as to exactly what had gone on in the bushes, in addition to the general astonishment that MoJo had been eliminated. Still no clue why Zora keeps sticking around, but since he's eliminated everyone else good (who knew that Melissa would be so evil - and the secret smoking!) she'd better get on the ball and step out of her shell!
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:: Monday, January 27, 2003 ::
Very slick - I updated the time zone and all my old posts changed time to when they were actually posted - sometimes I feel like I'm falling behind on this whole IT thing. But that's probably the smack too....
:: David 6:23 PM [+] ::
Now that I'm thinking about it, they're both logs - I guess it's all the smack I've been taking....
:: David 6:14 PM [+] ::
Updating web pages is truly a pain in my behind. But every now and again you just feel like you should do it. I'm going to add links to some of my favourite pseudo-bloggers (actually, Jason's actually is a blog) who live in various places around the world.
:: David 6:11 PM [+] ::
The New York Times has said the US has thumbed our nose at international cooperation. The speech didn't seem quite that bad, more of the same warmongering from Bush's flunkies - I wonder if Powell regrets not running for president himself - I think if anything he has a stronger support base now than before he got involved with the clown running the country. Regardless, the speech on Tuesday will give us some idea what's next. I'll be in class, thankfully, which means I can read the text rather than hearing Bush try to use big words firsthand. Either way, I'll be glad to get out of the US this fall!
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More old movies than you can shake a stick at - who knew that Cary Grant and Shirley Temple played in a movie together? Let alone as love interests (of a sort) !! ewww! It's called "The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer" and if you don't think of Labyrinth before the movie ends, you haven't seen Labyrinth often enough! Outside of that, making multiple phone calls to friends we were pretty certain were having a 'romantic moment' and reading lots of books.
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:: Saturday, January 25, 2003 ::

A little experiment in use of web-based weblogging. What could be more fun?
:: David 1:56 PM [+] ::

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